What is a Wide Bore MRI?

What is a Wide Bore MRI?

This is a medical diagnostic testing procedure. A wide bore mri in New Jersey is not dissimilar to the more familiar and traditional MRI. There is but one big difference if you will. The medical examiner is required to create a larger opening. In doing so, scanners as wide as seventy centimeters could be used.

But such scanners work with much shorter tubes. This is what promotes what is known as the open experience. Certain of these tests still require the use of a traditional scanner. All of which will be determined before testing gets under way. A number of benefits are under the spotlight. The wide bore MRI is regarded as a preferable option for those patients of larger than average size who may succumb to claustrophobia during a standard MRI. The object of the exercise for the presiding examiner and his or her assisting staff is to keep their patients as calm and relaxed as possible. 

The wide bore MRI is no different from the standard and more commonly applied MRI in the sense that performance and its results are never compromised. Results are always good, and clear and accurate visual impressions are at the disposal of the presiding examiner. From this vantage point, medical examiners are able to provide a correct diagnosis in behalf of the patient. The wide bore MRI still follows the principles and practices of the standard MRI. Incidentally, the MRI is a medical abbreviation for magnetic resonance imaging.

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Whether wide bore or standard medical practitioners have at their disposal a wide range of makes and models these days. It paves the way for them to be able to work more effectively and achieve far better results.

That being said; do take care.